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6 aquifers that every hydrogeologist should visit on a lifetime. Пособие для путешествий для гидрогеологов.
Water is the origin of life, and ground is the underlying layer where humanity has evolved therefore we should have a different perspective of groundwater because of the aforementioned and since it involves the two of the four elements of life from the Greek culture. However, the general public appreciation for groundwater resources is close to zero, even from water resources specialist only the hydrogeologist are the ones that really believe that groundwater flows, that gravity is the main driven force, that groundwater discharge has an upgradient flow, that there are zones of no flow and that groundwater travel times can take months, years, decades or centuries depending on the weather conditions and the porous media. Hydrogeologist had to conceive a new sense of the metrics, where the main interest is not a hydraulic parameter value, but the relation in orders of magnitude with other values.
How to do more Groundwater Modeling (or any modeling) in less amount of time. Как ускорить процесс моделирования. Забавно, но главная идея — перестать быть т.н. «гидрогеологом-по-вызову». Но если перестать им быть, то зачем тогда моделировать быстрее?
This article will describe top strategies to optimize the groundwater modeler work, but somehow the article has the intention to stop the “mercenary groundwater profile” as the person that is involved in a high number of projects, has to deliver great amount of reports, is always on meetings and it is at office more than 60 hours per week.
Websites where you can download complete groundwater flow models in MODFLOW. У меня периодически спрашивают, где нарыть примеры моделей. У меня теперь есть немного.
Just few websites had uploaded complete groundwater flow models in MODFLOW and are accessible to the general public. We have to admit that most of the websites come from public institutions in the US. We hope that in a near future we can have more resources to get model reports and the complete MODFLOW model.
Fault Zone Groundwater Flow Modeling with MODFLOW6 DISV and Model Muse -Tutorial. У меня в универе курсовая была посвящена похожей теме. Современные технологии, однако, далеко шагнули.
Conceptualization and simulation of groundwater flow in the area of influence of geological faults is really a challenge for numerical modelers. Besides the complexities and variety of faults there were some limitations of the numerical codes to simulate the mixed behaviour of faults and altered zones. We have developed an example tutorial to represent the main characteristics of groundwater flow in the fault zone for an applied case. The tutorial is developed in Model Muse with the MODFLOW DISV option for unstructured grid generation. Groundwater flow was analyzed on the water balance and a particle tracking simulation was done with MODPATH 7.
Modelling of a karst conduit system using Model Muse and MODFLOW-CFP. Схожая тема.
Karst systems are characterized by underground drainage systems formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks. The behaviour of these systems is hard to be conceptualized due to the uncertainty in the location and geometry of these underground caves and its connection with the porous media.
Spatial Data Management and Numerical Modelling: Demonstrating the Application of the QGIS-Integrated Platform at 13 Case Studies for Tackling Groundwater Resource Management. Жалко, конечно, что FREEWAT не поддерживает QGIS3, а возвращаться на устаревший уже QGIS2 даже ради замечательного FREEWAT не очень хочется.
The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the QGIS-integrated FREEWAT platform and an approach combining spatial data management and numerical models to target groundwater management issues. FREEWAT is a free and open source platform integrated in a Geographic Information System environment and embedding tools for pre- and post-processing of spatial data and integrating numerical codes for the simulation of the hydrological cycle, with a main focus on groundwater.

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