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Selecting Suitable MODFLOW Packages to Model Pond–Groundwater Relations Using a Regional Model. Матёрое исследование по выбору оптимального модуля MODFLOW для расчета тех или иных поверхностных водоемов.
In large-scale regional models, used for the management of underground resources, it is quite common to find that relationships between the regional aquifer and small wetlands are not included. These models do not consider this connection because of the small amount of water involved, but they should consider the potential for significant ecological impacts if the groundwater resources in the ecosystems associated with these wetlands are mismanaged. The main objective of this work is to investigate the possibilities offered by MODFLOW LGR-V2 to represent (at small scale) the Santa Olalla pond, located in the Doñana Natural Park (South of Spain), and its relationship with the Almonte-Marismas regional aquifer. As a secondary objective, we propose to investigate the advantages and disadvantages that DRAIN, RIVER and LAKE MODFLOW packages offer within the MODFLOW LGR-V2 discretizations. The drain boundary condition with a coarse discretization implemented through ModelMuse allows the most adequate performance of the groundwater levels in the environment of the pond. However, when using lake boundary condition, the use of the MODFLOW LGR-V2 version is particularly useful. The present work also gives some guidelines to employ these packages with the MODFLOW graphical user’s interface, ModelMuse 4.2.
5 open source groundwater software besides MODFLOW. Оказывается кроме MODFLOW за последнее время появилось немало интересных бесплатных програм для гидрогеологов.
Because there is a universe of groundwater flow code where Modflow isn’t the sun or the black hole, however Modflow is a main planet like Jupyter. The rest of planets / codes are a sort of unknown, undocumented, unteached or even untutorialized open source software that exists, have developers and its used for specific topics.
Loop : Enabling Stochastic 3D Geological Modelling. Не совсем про гидрогеологию, но тоже довольно интересный инструмент для анализа геологических и геофизических данных.
Loop is an open source 3D probabilistic geological and geophysical modelling platform, initiated by Geoscience Australia and the OneGeology consortium. The project is funded by Australian territory, State and Federal Geological Surveys, the Australian Research Council and the MinEx Collaborative Research Centre.
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