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A groundwater model is a hypothesis; A hypothesis can be disproved by never proven. Как-раз то, что я всегда ощущал на уровне понимания, но так и не додумался сформулировать. Геофильтрационная модель - не истина в последней инстанции, а всего-лишь предположение ее создателя о том, как все там под землей устроено. И это предположение нельзя доказать - только опровергнуть.
“The word model has so many meanings and is so overused that it is sometimes difficult to know what one is referring to. For this discussion, we define a model as a representation of a real system or process…We define a conceptual model as a hypothesis for how a system or process operates. The idea can be expressed quantitatively as a mathematical model.”

Sharing MODFLOW Models on ArcGIS Online. Что творят, черти. Кажется, действительно пора изучать ArcGIS. А то я со своей мапинфой совсем от жизни отстану.
Groundwater simulation models are mathematical models that help us understand and predict how water behaves in subsurface aquifers. Groundwater models, such as MODFLOW, are commonly used in the industry to predict different aspects of groundwater management including water availability, effects of pumping, contaminant transport, and more.

One of the challenges facing organizations is the communication of information regarding groundwater systems from professional modelers to others within the organization or to the public. Usually, visualization of groundwater models is achieved with specialized software packages. The model input and output files are a set of text or binary files that are difficult to interpret and map without specialized tools.

The workflow presented enables organizations to quickly create maps and GIS layers of MODFLOW models and to publish those on ArcGIS Online. By posting on ArcGIS Online you can share MODFLOW inputs and outputs with anyone within your organization, or share the model results with the public.

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