Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Professional v11

Вышла очередная версия Mapinfo Professional:

Work with data you can truly trust with MapInfo Professional

* Quickly and easily find and open the data you want
* Obtain its source, vintage, resolution and owner with a click of a button.
* Add your map data to MapInfo Manager's library right from MapInfo Professional

New Browser Window means easier data creation, analysis and manipulation

* Speed up tabular data entry with flexible browser navigation options
* Hide fields, add calculated fields or sort your table right from the right-click menu.
Data analysis was never this easy
* Visibility enhancements such as alternating row colours, full row selections, and quick access to font size and style setting are sure to speed up any data analysis

Enhanced support of 64 bit operating environments

* Leverage up to double the application memory space (4Gb) than before
* More memory means ability to perform larger operations

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  1. Все-таки рекомендую перейти на ArcMap - более нужный инструмент, особливо в свете Hydro GeoBuilder.